Sunday, March 3, 2013

Berry Picking

We loved our time spent on the farm. I wish I could take them there everyday and have a huge garden, with acres for the kids to play and work on. But for now summer visits will have to suffice. The kids hardly came in for meals, they just ate out of the garden. It reminded me of when we were growing up and kept a salt and pepper shaker in the green house for the tomatoes and cucumbers. 
The raspberries were a big hit with all the kids. They spent the summer afternoons with raspberry stained faces and fingers. 

 Cora sampling the raspberries. 
 Connor was able to reach the high ones where the littles and the chickens couldn't get to. 
 This boy could be a farmer every day of his life and be living the dream. 
Kael and Gavyn didn't get many in the bucket, but they picked a lot!

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