Thursday, November 1, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Guess where we got to go this summer? 

That's right - Vanderhoof, BC, Canada - aka HOME! I always feel that wherever I live that I am home, but Vanderhoof will always be "home" for me. This is my kids favorite vacation destination ... I love it! Because of a family reunion this summer we decided to head northwest for a too long postponed trip. It had been two years since we made it back and it was long over due.
Ryan couldn't get work off so I ventured out on my own with the kids. We flew from DC to Vancouver - then we rented a car, spent the night in Vancouver and drove the 11 hours to Vanderhoof the next day. We were ecstatic to be going and had such a great time while we were there! A trip home never disappoints.
My only dilemma is sorting through the hundreds of pictures and choosing a few to post. If only  I could post them all! For now, just a few from my little farmers visiting Grandpa's garden.

Things the kids learned and re-learned while in Canada:

1. Dogs, cats, chickens, horses, etc., do not bite - McCall. She came a long way while visiting the farm. Before visiting her cousins and grandparents the girl would not come close to any living creature. And I mean ANY living creature. Butterflies, bunnies, puppies, fish - all were so scary to her and she couldn't be far enough away from them. But after about a week of being surrounded by animals, she left with a few new furry friends made. She even hugged a large dog on her own accord. She rode a pony bareback all by herself, it was a welcome sight to me as I was afraid of her city slicker wimpy ways.
2. Canada is COLD! I don't remember Canada being so cold. I am still way to warm down in the lower 48 so I assumed that I would be perfectly comfortable back home in my shorts and t-shirts. Alas, I have become a wimp! I froze every day and night, I broke down and bought thermal socks at Extra Foods. Then I was warm. I don't care that I wore them with capris...
3. Woody's Bakery is still the BEST one in the world. Their glazed donuts are to die for and I'm pretty sure that I gained 10 pounds just because of those.
4. Canadians are wonderful people. I'm pretty sure that is just a fact, everybody knows it. But there is nothing like coming back and seeing so many wonderful people that you have a lifetime of memories with. I love my Canadians!
5. Outdoor running poses a few threats. Look past the cold and the beautiful morning fog and frost while running, I enjoy that part. But when you run into a grizzly bear things get a little dicey. At least we were returning from our run and were in a vehicle!
6. Vegetables come from gardens, not grocery stores. Seriously, how did some of my children not know this? I feel like a failure as a parent for not teaching them that. McCall was astounded that you could walk out to the garden and find food, just waiting to be pillaged. I told my kids that we used to keep a salt shaker in the green house, it went great with our fresh tomatoes and rhubarb. Best lunches we had as kids, mmmmm, except when we could trade with our Mennonite friends - those women are some pretty darn good cooks!
7. Canada is too far away. At least western Canada is. After a full day of flying and a full day of driving, we decided that we live too far away. 3,437 miles is too far away!
8. Two years is far too long to stay away.


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