Monday, May 14, 2012

NYC with Mel & Kathi

My Mom & Dad came to visit us in DC for two weeks - in celebration of Tate's baptism. 
We took a two day trip up to NYC to see The Lion King and show my parents around NYC - their first time! So we had to go to all the highlights of the city. 
 The Empire State Building - turns out that my FitBit did not work at the top of the Empire State Building. It is always windy up there and I am glad they have elevators!
 My Mom has been dying to go to Radio Music Hall since she was a kid - a quick drive by was all that we could fit in. Next time, she'll be dancing there :)
 Love the Statue of Liberty, one of my favorite things to do in NYC. 
 My parents are quite the photogenic pair, I come by it honestly. Unfortunately, this is about the ONLY picture I have of them in NY. My mom had recently undergone eye surgery and was operating on only one eye, decreased depth perception, and plenty of mockery from her family. She is a good sport. 
 Ryan grabbed the camera from me and snapped a shot, on my birthday, I'm feeling as old as I look!

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Karli said...

Well if you are feeling as old as you look then I want to be you. Feeling like a teenager must be heavenly! (except the hormones... those stink).