Saturday, December 4, 2010

110% G.I.R.L.

McCall is at such a fun stage right now. She has really turned into a girly girl lately. All she wants to play with are "babies" - her dolls. She has given them each a name - Pink, Purple, and Yellow are her favorites, and yes those names come from the color of clothing the doll has on. But she has a few colors down thanks to those dollies!
When I give her a chance to choose what she wants to wear she always chooses - "pink dress" and her red cowboy boots - those don't match too well so we have to hide them - a lot!
Her first request upon waking up is always - "lips, please!" That would be her lip balm, she has about a dozen that she keeps with her at all times, a few in her purse, a few in her pockets, a few in her hands, several in the car, in her bed, etc. She is obsessed. But she may have the softest lips/cheeks/nose/hands around!
She constantly asks to be changed - if she is even a little bit wet she will come find me and tell me "I yucky mom, change me please". I know I should bite the bullet and potty train her, but with the impending move I'm trying to put it off until we are in our new home.
She brings us so much joy and happiness. I have never seen three boys so eager to please a little sister, have "tea" with her whenever she wants it, read princess books over and over again and simply dote on her. I think she has this all down pat.

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