Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome Kasey!

My little brother Kasey is now living with us and I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying having a live in nanny right now :) It makes for running errands quite easy!
He is just starting school and will be here for awhile yet. Soooooo .... you should know a few things about Kasey:
1. He is single
2. He is a great guy
3. He is looking for a job and can do most anything
4. He is a great guy.
5. We're glad he's here and McCall has latched onto him like crazy!
6. He just got back from serving a mission in Chile - so we have been blessed to have Chilean cuisine lately - pretty much gourmet hot dogs! Who knew?
Welcome Kasey!

Oh, and he was with me when I took fall pics of the kids so we grabbed a few of him as well :) Handsome fella!

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sally said...

Love all the pics you posted; your family is such a perfect blend of you and Ryan. Give my best to Kasey, please. So good to see him grow up from knights and castles to an upstanding and faithful young man. I am sure he will continue to be a good role model for your boys as well as McCall.

Thanks for always displaying such a positive attitude, Kara.

sally guenther (hinksman)