Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Mischief

Gage was supposed to be sleeping.
I was helping the Young Women work on a project.
Ryan had left for another campaign meeting -
Telling me he had all the boys asleep.
I think he may have mislead me.
Somewhere there was a red marker lurking.
The thought process went something like this ....
"Why not make myself a beard and mustache?"
"With permanent marker?"
It took two days to wash off.
Using every method I could think of.
I contemplated using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
But didn't have any on hand.
Eventually it wore off - just like all his little misdemeanors do.

One day he will call me and tell me of his child's escapades
and I will say something like what my mother says to me -
And that will be my favorite grandchild, hands down!


Michelle said...

I love Gage and all of the stories his mommy gets to share!

TL said...

ahhhh I love that kid and all his adventures. Ty used to draw mustaches on with pen but they'd be anywhere on his face. I'd ask what it wa and he'd always reply it's my mustache. Silly boys!

Marissa said...

Loved the post! You're perspective is so refreshing! HA!!! Thanks for making me laugh!