Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Mike Lee I Know

Recently we have been going through some medical issues with Tate, our 6 year old. In a nutshell, he has had abdominal pain and problems for several weeks now. He would have a bout for a few days, then go weeks without any symptoms, then have it again. But recently he went 2 weeks with no relief, constant night waking with intense pain, no appetite, no energy.
He was miserable and sick.
We were worried and scared.
We took him to our doctor and were referred to Primary Children's.
But the purpose of this post is not to worry anyone, he is healthy and fine now. All sorts of tests were done and he has been given a clean bill of health.
We are grateful.
Grateful for modern medicine.
Grateful for friends and family who help out without being called up to do so.
Grateful for prayers and kindness.
I don't want to leave anyone out, as we were recipients of many kind deeds, words, and prayers in our behalf.
But I do want to point our someone in particular who was kind and generous with us through this time.
Many of you may be aware that in our state we are in the middle of a primary election and Ryan has been deeply involved in it. One of those candidates is Mike Lee.
We only met Mike last year about this time. Ryan attended a discussion he led on the constitution. He was convinced from that moment on that Mike needed to be in public office. So he attended more meetings, he offered his services as an Internet marketing guru should he ever decide to run.
Long story short - he became his campaign manager, a volunteer position. I agreed to it because I too believed in Mike and I thought it would be a few evenings a week at the most.
I was right about Mike.
I was wrong about the time commitment. :)
Ryan has been so busy with the campaign that we have rarely seen him since January 5th. It has been difficult, it has been lonely at times, it has been a learning experience.
I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.
When Mike heard that Tate was ill, we had no answers and that we were being referred to a pediatric GI (when the earliest we could get in was August) he immediately jumped to our aid - without being asked.
You see, Mike has a child with some health issues and has had extensive experience in this field. He immediately called his child's pediatric GI at Primary Children's. He spoke to several nurses, and doctors on our behalf. He and Sharon, his wife, called us each morning and night to check on Tate's condition. I was so impressed with their kindness and generosity with their time - I can't tell you how busy that couple is. I only know how busy my own husband is, sleeping only 4-5 hours (and that's a good night). I rarely get him to answer my calls - he can only return them when he has a minute to. So with Ryan being so busy I know that Mike is twice as busy and working twice as hard. But I also know that Mike put a leading political figure here in Utah on hold while he took a call from the doctor in our behalf. That he spent over an hour on the telephone trying to find appointments and answers for us. He is the busiest man that I personally know and yet he took time to help out our 6 year old son.
That is the kind of political leader I want in Washington.
We did not ask for help.
He saw a need and knew he could help so he did.
He could have given us the doctors name and number.
He could have had someone else call.
Or he could have done nothing, we certainly didn't expect anything.
But he saw a need and did something about it.
Mike doesn't owe us anything, we aren't wealthy, powerful or elite in any way. He didn't stand to gain anything by taking the time to help us.
I have hesitated in writing this for 3 weeks now because I don't want to politicize this act.
But I do want you to know what kind of man Mike Lee is. I have seen him on countless occasions kneel eye level to a toddler to play peek-a-boo. Pick up a child who has stumbled. Lend an arm to a man without sight. I have seen him take the time to speak with and listen to the countless people who have stood in line to meet him or just take a picture, some to even air their grievances with him. I have never seen him personally attack or speak ill of anyone, not even those of opposing political camps. He handles himself with poise, dignity and confidence. Yet he takes time for all. He treats all the same - influential or simple, wealthy or struggling, white collar/blue collar. He is kind, full of integrity.
He is what I want more of in Washington.
I am grateful to know Mike.
I am proud to say "I like Mike".
I am honored to support Mike.

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