Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day Festivities

Merry Christmas everyone! What a wonderful time of year, pair that with the beautiful snow falling and it is a indeed my favorite time of year. We were given a great Christmas gift this year, our boys slept until 8 am! Wow, what a great way to start the day. The boys thoroughly enjoyed opening presents and playing with their new toys. In fact, they have been trading back and forth and sharing and haven't even had any arguments yet! I know that won't continue but we count that as a great gift to us as parents as well. We enjoyed a leisurely morning together and then headed out to go to Grandma's house for brunch and more fun. Only to see how much snow we really got, WOW! The snow drifts at our house were a few feet deep and we quickly got stuck in a deep drift just off our driveway. With the help of great neighbors we were able to get back into the garage and be rescued by Ryan's great brothers, Brad and Curt. We had a wonderful day with all the McCoy family, it was nice to have everyone together. Amazingly the 12 grand kids played together without any problems all day. It was so very nice, there was fun to be had by all, not to mention all the great food. I love this time of year, my waist line might not, but what the heck, what else would I do for a New Years resolution if I didn't over eat at Christmas?

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Cute jammies and letters! (notice I'm commenting again!)