Saturday, September 27, 2008

September with the McCoy's

Well, let's just sum up September with one word, WHIRLWIND! We have been so super busy this month that I haven't even had time, or a constant Internet connection, to blog! So those of you interested, and I know you all are, here is a recap of our month.
September 1-5 was spent canning peaches, pears and salsa at home, getting ready for our trip to Canada and picking up all the orders for our store in Canada. We, the kids and I, packed up our car. Which, by the way, was no small feat. I managed to fit in two long benches, iron decor, bags, tissue paper, various business inventory, three small children, myself, and my sister-in-laws mother into our van for our trek north. We had a GREAT drive, the boys were so good, Gage managed to keep up with his potty training and we had no incidents, whew!
We arrived on the 7th and have been busy ever since. My sister-in-law, Becky, is in Vancouver receiving radiation treatments for lip cancer so I am staying at her house taking care of her 4 little boys and my brother. The kids have been great, a lot easier than I thought 7 little boys 10 and under would be. Although I am exhausted each day, we have been able to get so much done that I can't complain. My brother, Jared, ended up getting sick with strep throat, sinus infection and chest infection. Seriously, give them a break! But he is doing much better now.
My boys have LOVED being around cousins all the time with sleepovers every night and playing all day every day. They have even been able to go hunting with Grandpa Gulbranson, I will post pictures later. Two of my brothers each got an elk and the boys were quite excited about that and have fallen in love with elk steak, which we have had a few times since being here. Gage, who was having some problems with all the aspects of potty training was instantly cured when I told him he couldn't go hunting with Grandpa until he went poo in the potty chair. He hasn't had an accident since then! Yeah! And, he has yet to go hunting!
My sisters and sister-in-laws and I have been crazy busy canning and caring for our little store. We did pears, peaches, apple pie filling, salsa and tomatoes. We were also introduced to canned banana bread, which was absolutely delicious so that may be our next adventure in canning, and pumpkin bread. Who wouldn't love to get that as a neighbor gift? Yummy!
Our little store is all nestled in for fall, with all the beautiful colors and displays. I sure miss doing this on a regular basis. We have all the Christmas items priced and ready to go. Just pure fun around here! Our next adventure takes us to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania on the 8th of October for a buying show! YIPPEE! We have never taken a girls trip with just my mom and sisters so we are so excited to go. Anyway, that has been my September, each day fuller than the last and it is all about to end to trek back south to our home there. I have missed it and my daily routines, but it is always great to come back!
Now for October, I am sure it will slow down right? Isn't that the way it always goes? One month busy, the next just relaxed and pleasant! I know that has been my experience! Ha ha.


Rach said...

Whew! Just reading that has worn me out. I can't imagine all that you have been are amazing, and being pregnant all the while. You just never cease to amaze. Think of all the blessings just waiting to come your way!

Anna said...

Way to go Kara! What a great and exciting month you've had. I wish I could have joined you up there to help out and be with the Gulbransons. Hope you have a safe trip home!

The Nielson Family said...

Wow-you guys have been super busy, but it sounds like you have been having fun too! Oh, and canning pumpkin and banana bread sounds amazing--I will have to get the instructions for that from ya!

tchutchins said...

You have been so busy, I bet it was nice to go up there though especially this time of year! So Pretty!!

Michelle said...

We missed you all like crazy but it sounds like you had a good time! Can't wait to see you all again! Girls trips ROCK! Have a great time with your mom and sisters and tell them all hello from me! Love ya!