Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fall at McCoy's

Well, I certainly have not been keeping up with this blog like I should. Just like so many other things in life, it was put on my to do list and I am finally getting around to it, before cleaning the basement, organizing the garage, setting up Christmas decorations, importing our car... the list goes on.
I have been working on getting our website up for vinyl lettering. You can check it out at and make any orders you wish :) Thanks to my techno husband it is getting going. Because I have so much spare time to do more things!
The kids are doing great and had a great time trick or treating this last week. Connor was Harry Potter, Tate was Captain Jack Sparrow and Gage was a beaver, he hated dressing up, but he loved the candy and got the hang of running up to doors and holding out his candy bucket quite quickly. They were super fun and we enjoyed taking them. Connor was quite concerned that he did not receive any "healthy" snacks so he asked for some carrot sticks when he got home and was very worried that his teeth would rot out during the night. Maybe I scared him too much with all the talk about cavities? Tate didn't seem to mind and has been eating as much candy as he can. Gage has become a very proficient climber and can get into almost anything in the house now, not a good thing at all!
Ryan is super busy with his new business trying to get everything started and then trying to do my projects in the evenings, but he is enjoying the challenges of a start up. We are not quite used to the warm falls here, we are wondering where the snow is and the freezing temperatures. It doesn't feel like November here to us, but I imagine that will change soon. Anyway, that is about all for now. We are all well and happy and enjoying ourselves.

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